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Thank you for choosing Windy City Gold Popcorn for your fundraising needs.

Here are seven simple steps that will ensure a fun, easy, and successful fundraiser!

1. Scheduling your Fundraiser

We recommend five weeks from start to finish. This would leave three weeks for selling and two weeks for distribution. Establish the date students will begin selling, the date the orders are due, and the date of pickup.

2. Materials

Email to receive the materials you will need. You should have one brochure for every volunteer selling, plus an additional 10% to have on hand.

3. Hold an assembly/meeting with all volunteers

Distribute order forms and encourage volunteers to begin selling right away. Let your volunteers know that their customers should make checks payable to your organization (not Windy City Gold Popcorn).

4. Fundraiser Encouragement / Progress

Set progressive goals for volunteers and spend more time with non-motivated volunteers to help drive participation. Excitement and support is high during the first week of the fundraiser, so we encourage taking as many orders as possible during this time.

5. Collect all paperwork

Total the quantities of each popcorn flavor sold. It is important to double check the totals so the correct amount and type of popcorn can be ordered. The total amount collected minus the cost of popcorn and shipping is the profit your organization has made.

6. Submit Order

Send completed order to Your order can be paid by credit card. Our logistics expert will determine the quickest and least expensive way to deliver your popcorn. Expect to receive your order within 5-7 business days depending on your location.

7. Popcorn Distribution

Be sure to set up a date for distribution with all volunteers. It is very important to save your fundraising brochures so the popcorn can be distributed correctly to your supporters!

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